in Rutherford County, NC

Weather / Climate

Lake Lure, NC

With climate change, the numbers below are destined to require updating, but western North Carolina will likely maintain its great weather. While promoting this beautiful area, we speak to people from all over the country, though they mostly seem to be from the eastern seaboard. They say Florida summers are too hot for too long. In the northeast they say the winter seems to last nearly half the year. Here in Rutherford County? We enjoy four comfortable seasons, each one about three months long.

Summers are warm, with temps in the upper 80’s, occasionally in touching into the low 90's, each morning usually starting out in the mid to upper 60’s. Winters are cool, in the upper 40’s mostly, sometimes reaching the low 50's. A little snow falls our way, usually twice or thrice during winter, averaging a couple inches each time. Enough to look pretty, but not cause problems (our northern friends laugh because we close the schools when there is just a dusting of snow on the ground). The winter of 2009-2010 brought an unusual five snowfalls for a total of 23 inches!

Autumn is absolutely beautiful here in the upper foothills and mountains. We're surrounded by hardwood trees turning brilliant colors of yellows, oranges and reds - it's like living in a postcard! Springtime is gorgeous with so many different shades of green and flowering trees everywhere. Spring in Rutherford County lasts nearly three months (our southern friends frequently enjoy about two weeks of true spring-like weather). Data from usclimatedata.com:

average rainfall  49.56"
average snowfall  4"
Temperature high low
January average 49° 29°
July average 88° 67°
average summer  75%
average winter  50%

What makes our climate so desirable? Being surrounded by the mountains creates a kind of 'cushion' called the Isothermal Belt. Temperatures stay mild, so we have warm summers, but not too hot, and chilly winters, but not too cold. You might be considering a vacation property in this area, but if you are thinking permanent relocation or retirement, you are in for a pleasant change of weather!