Local Contacts
in Rutherford County, NC

Local Contacts

Think of this page as a miniature 'yellow pages' for Rutherford County, NC. You'll find phone numbers for banks, utilities, contractors, sub-contractors, professional services, healthcare, and government offices. If you have a specific question that may be answered by someone listed below, please feel free to call them, although many of your questions may already be answered on our frequently asked questions page. You are always welcome to call us!

Professional Services
Arledge Law Firm 287-3338
Peter Lane Law Firm 287-5225
Professional Surveying 287-7059
Eddie Gilbert Appraiser 859-9753
Odom Assoc Civil Engs 247-4495
Kim Warner Structural Eng 248-1240
Daryl Sims Home Inspector 287-8934
Don Miller Home Inspector 243-8649
Andy Metcalf Home Inspector 674-6784
George Hipp Home Inspector 980-4606
Inspect NC Home Inspections 450-9063

BB&T - Teri Smart 287-2258
Carolina Farm - Kamron Kerr 286-9183
FifthThird Bank - Linda Marsh 755-3095

County Offices
Addressing Department 287-6366
Health Department 287-6317
Building Inspector 287-6035
Tax Office 287-6175
Burn Permit   state.nc.us/burn_permits
Union Mills Post Office 287-5780
Lake Lure Post Office 625-4711
Rutherfordton Post Office 287-3750
Spindale Post Office 286-3826
Forest City Post Office 245-4959

Thermal Insulators 286-3533
A-1 Insulators 429-4647
Rutherford Hospital 286-5000
McDowell Hospital (Marion) 894-3311
Pardee Hospital (Hendersonville) 696-1000
VA Hospital (Asheville) 298-7911
VA Clinic (Rutherfordton) 288-2780

Utility Companies
AT&T (800) 288-2020
Rutherford Electric Co-op 245-1621
Duke Energy (800) 777-9898

Terry Thompson 215-7071
Gerald Stevens 223-5961
Yancy Arrowood 286-4023
Blue Ridge Log Cabins (864) 457-7343

Bill Sommers 287-9275
Dennis Williams 442-7590
Superior Walls 778-2398

Well Drillers
A&F Well Drilling 453-1687
Camp Well & Plumbing 453-7322
Pittman Well Drilling 453-0663

Septic Systems
Charles Brown 429-6827
Terry Cantrell 245-3530
Chris Hutchins 248-9083

Local Area Code is 828
Mountains Plumbing 287-5657
Camp Well & Plumbing 453-7322
Charlie Simms 625-2722
Omstead Plumbing 245-7302

McCurry Electric 453-7769
Danny Edney 245-6422
Jason Godfrey 429-5760
Walter Hancock 287-2615
CKL Electrical Contractors 287-2353

Heating/Air Conditioning
Rutherford Heat & Air 287-2240
Forest City Heat & Air 245-1379
Pritchard Heat & Air 286-0053
Union Mills Heat & Air 287-1036

Pest Control
Goforth 287-3188
Hutchins 287-5171
Nelon-Cole (866) 990-0004
Dodson 407-0917

Charles Brown - grading 429-6827
John Yelton - landscape 223-0169
Tommy's Landscaping 447-5139
All Good Painting 657-6919
Johnson Paving 652-4911
Dewayne Searcy - masonry 625-9854

Always get bids and check out the reputation of all contractors and/or sub-contractors before you sign any contract or work order. We do not vouch for the accuracy of this list, nor the workmanship or financial standing of any contractor or sub-contractor, whether on this list or not. Note: This list is provided as a convenience only - we receive no referral, acknowledgement or compensation.